Sick of so-called "Health Care"?  

Welcome to Healthy People Care !

Our Practice combines up to date modern therapies with time-tested treatments
from around the world to provide REAL health care for wellness minded people.

We evaluate each patient as a whole person and create a treatment
plan integrated and coordinated to meet your specific needs and goals.
What We Do
  1. Meal Planning
    Need a little help improving your diet? We can customize your diet for weight loss, blood sugar management or another health goal whether you need a full overhaul of your eating style or just a little guidance to keep you on track.
  2. Chiropractic
    If it's a joint, we adjust it. Neck pain with headaches, knee pain, carpal tunnel, low back pain with constipation? Adjustments take away interference so you feel better and your body heals naturally.
  3. Exercise
    To exercise or not to exercise....sometimes little changes make a big difference. Three wrist stretches to ward off carpal tunnel. Adjust your office chair for a more ergonomic fit. What to do off the course to get shave strokes off your golf game and save your low back. These mysteries solved daily!
  4. Massage Therapy
    Our Massage Therapists are terrific! Deep tissue to prenatal, massage for performance or just for relaxation, we have you covered. Looking for something different? Try BARS or Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy.
  5. Body Sculpting
    Got loose floppy underarm skin, tummy buldging muffin top or cottage cheese cellulite thighs? Our doctor combines multiple FDA cleared techniques to resolve all of these issues safely and effectively. It is much less expensive than you expect and results are visible in as little as one hour!
  6. Colonic Therapy
    Colonic therapy is relaxing and helpful for many chronic conditions, not just colon issues. We are pleased to have Viable Options on location here at Infinity Wellness. Reach Linda directly at 816 438-3451 or find her schedule in Health Care Professionals in Kansas City at

  1. Dr. Evin is amazing. She is knowledgable, professional, and timely. Thank you for taking care of me. I had Dr. Evin look at a knee issue. After one adjustment the pain was gone. Highly recommended! The absolute best chiropractor in town. We took the whole family today! Everyone is feeling better, breathing better and walking better! Thanks Dr. Evin! Dr. Evin is great! She gets straight to the point adjusts you with a gentle but effective technique and you leave feeling like a new person.

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